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MR-Safe Custom Acrylic Products

Customized Solutions for Over 5,000 Hospitals and 6,000 MRI Facilities

Not All Acrylic is MR-Safe. Ours Is.
Some of our most popular customized products are our acrylic solutions. While other companies may make their acrylic products out of post-consumer acrylic that can include metal particles, we use only 100% virgin acrylic. Even our hinges are entirely non-metallic. So you can rest assured that any custom-made acrylic product from Newmatic is contaminant-free and MR-safe.
Made to be Modified
Consider our products as blueprints for your ideas. If you like a dispenser but need another compartment... If you like a floor mat but it's to small... or maybe a pre-printed label needs to be another color... call us! We can get you exactly what you need.
We Aim to Please
At Newmatic, what you see is not necessarily what you have to get. Because there's no better solution than one custom-fitted to you.


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