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Infection Prevention Set for the MRI Suite

MRI Cleaning Wand Starter Set

Finally, hospitals and clinics will be able to easily clean between patients without losing valuable scanning time. The MRI Cleaning Wand reaches inside the MRI magnet bore or CAT scan gantry to clean and disinfect those difficult-to-reach places in seconds. Once the area of interest has been cleaned and disinfected, simply eject the disposable pad without touching it with your hands, eliminating the risk of contamination. The disposable pads can be used with any spray disinfectant or cleaning solution.

How to Use the MRI Cleaning Wand

  • Attach the disposable pad to the wand by aligning the logo of the disposable pad with the logo on the wand. Make sure your fingers hold tightly onto the plastic portion of the disposable pad until a snap/click is felt or heard, as in picture shown.
  • Apply a generous amount of aerosol or any cleaner or any disinfectant to the disposable sponge side.
  • Start cleaning the inside of the magnet in a circular or straight motion as desired. Apply more disinfectant as needed. You can clean any other areas as needed in the same fashion.
  • Once the intended area has been cleaned and disinfected, detach the disposable pad from the wand by holding the wand in the middle with one hand and sliding the sleeve forward with the other hand. The disposable pad will eject forward into a garbage can or any other area intended to be discarded waste.