Universal Canister Wipe Dispenser
Universal Canister Wipe Dispenser

This unique dispenser is designed to accept any canister of wipes and put them in accessible places to promote more frequent wipe-downs and increase infection prevention practices. Canisters are held in place while wipes are dispensed, allowing quicker access to wipes. Promote faster disinfection with any wipe canister.

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Universal Canister Wipe Dispenser

Latex Free
Prop 65

Decrease Wipe Down Times and Improve Infection Control

  • Fits all wipe canisters: wide, tall, big, and small
  • Spring loaded to hold canister in place while dispensing wipes, allowing quick one-handed access to wipes
  • Wall mount your dispenser in high-traffic hallways and room locations to increase wipe-down frequency
  • ABS construction for long-lasting strength and durability
Wipe Station
Universal Canister Wipe Dispenser
Estimated ship date of 07/05/2019
  Not Safe for MRI
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