Tissue-Equivalent Phantoms for Mammography
Tissue-Equivalent Phantoms for Mammography

Designed to test the performance of any mammography system, the Tissue-Equivalent Phantom contains internal objects to simulate calcifications, fibrous calcifications in ducts, and tumor masses. Objects within the phantom vary in size from being easy to detect on any machine to the most difficult sizes to detect on even the most advanced systems.

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Tissue-Equivalent Phantoms for Mammography

Latex Free

Realistically-Shaped for Mammographic Quality Assurance

  • Engineered to test the threshold of the latest mammography machines
  • 4.5cm thick for accurate simulation of an average glandular tissue composition
  • Removable 0.5cm adipose tissue layer included
  • Monitor image quality and dose
Mammography Tissue-Equivalent Phantom
Estimated ship date of 08/22/2019
  Not Safe for MRI
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