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Phantom Refill Set

Got bubbles? The Refill Set for the ACR phantom includes everything you need to easily remove air bubbles and top off the ACR phantom. This saves you time and money by eliminating expensive overnight shipping costs to ship the phantom back and forth, and the cost of a "top off" service fee. The Refill Set allows for multiple uses so you have a trouble-free solution the next time your phantom gets an air bubble.

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5 Stars
Easy fix for getting optimal ACR results.

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I have personally been involved in obtaining ACR accreditation is several hospitals, and also keeping ACR records and reports. We use to send the phantom back to JB specialty to get bubbles out until I got to use one these kits. Its awesome and easy to use and worth every penny... Thank-you for allowing the trained professional Technologist to keep the phantom tuned... Timothy R. Smith ARMRIT

Phantom Refill Set

Phantom Refill Set

Phantom Refill Set
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