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Mammographic Accreditation Phantom

The Mammographic Accreditation Phantom was designed to test the performance of a mammography system by a quantitative evaluation of the system's ability to image small structures similar to those found in patients. Determine if your system can detect small structures; critical in the early detection of breast caner.

Review Summary

Mammographic Accreditation Phantom

Latex Free

Phantom for ACR Mammography Accreditation

  • Approved by the American College of Radiology for maintaining accreditation
  • Simulates 4.2cm compressed breast of average glandlar/adipose composition
  • Comply with the FDA's Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA)
  • Fibers, specks, and masses embedded in wax insert simulate microcalcifications, fibrous calcifications, and tumors
Mammographic Accreditation Phantom
Estimated ship date of 05/17/2021
  Not Safe for MRI
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