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AAPM CT Performance Phantom

The goals of of AAPM's Report #1 were to define performance of a CT scanner and describe methods of performance testing through utilization of particular phantoms. The AAPM CT Performance Phantom was specifically designed around these goals for a practical method of evaluating CT scanner performance. The phantom is capable of measuring all performance parameters outlined by the AAPM.

AAPM CT Performance Phantom
Included Test Objects Contrast Test Object Alignment Pin CT Number Linearity Insert High Contrast Resolution Insert Slice Thickness Insert 0.25" Bone Equivalent Ring

Review Summary

AAPM CT Performance Phantom

Latex Free

AAPM Guideline Compliant CT Performance Phantom

  • Phantom design based around guidelines presented in Report #1 of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine Task Force on CT Scanner Phantoms
  • Includes six insertable test objects
  • Capable of measuring ten distinct performance parameters including noise, size independence, sensitivity or detectability, radiation dose, mechanical alignment, spatial uniformity, beam hardening, HU linearity, slice thickness, spacial resolution, and line spread function
AAPM CT Performance Phantom
Estimated ship date of 06/21/2021
  Not Safe for MRI
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