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Neuroimaging Support Systems

Neuroimaging Support Systems Neuroimaging Support Systems

Developed by an experienced radiologic technologist, doctor of psychology, and renowned neuroimaging researcher. This innovative Neuroimaging Support System provides a solution to collecting quality image data, with no movement. Bite bars, inflatable bead bags, head and neck braces, and molded masks are a thing of the past with the Neuroimaging Support System. Designed for multiple patient use within hospital and clinical outpatient MRI suites.

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5 Stars
High quality

wrote ():

We use these for our research subjects. They are very high quality and are easy to clean. The foam is soft and molds nicely to each individuals head. Immensly better than the stiff foam pads from the manufacturing companies. I would highly reccomend.

5 Stars
Highest Quality Comfort

wrote ():

Speaking from both the perspective of a scan operator and a research subject that has used these pads , I can say with certainty that NoMoCo pillows provide the highest quality comfort for your MRI needs. NoMoCo uses the perfect memory foam interior for comfort and motion suppression, and wraps their pads in a soft yet easy to sanitize cover. With the set including a perfect range of shapes and sizes, you'll be capturing crystal clear images from cozy participants with ease. They're so great, you might just be tempted to bring them home for a better night's sleep!

5 Stars
These pillows are so comfortable and easy to use!

wrote ():

I love this pillow system! They are extremely comfortable and make the scanning experience nice and cozy for our participants. These pillows make it very easy to remember to stay still while providing the extra comfort and support the adolescents we scan need. Finally, the material used for manufacturing the pillows is very easy to sanitize, making for a quick clean up, post-scan.

5 Stars
Our participants love these pads!

wrote ():

Absolutely amazing product. I can't tell you how many participants we have had in the past mention how comfortable these pads are!

5 Stars
Great product!

wrote ():

This pillow system is a huge improvement over the magnet manufacturer pads, the foam is much better quality. The head strap has been helpful in minimizing movement with adolescents.

Neuroimaging Support Systems

Latex Free

Provide Comfort and Accuracy During Neuroimaging Studies

  • Optimize brain images for precise, neuroradiologic diagnosis
  • Designed with high-grade memory foam to ensure maximum comfort, minimal movement, and to eliminate repeat testing
  • Available in vinyl or durable healthcare fabric coatings that resist puncture or tearing
  • Coatings provide impenetrable barrier to viruses and bacteria
  • Artifact-free in all imaging applications
  • Able to withstand repeated cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectant
12-Piece Neuroimaging Support System
Estimated ship date of 07/07/2021
  Safe for MRI
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