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Ceia Wall Mounted Ferromagnetic Detector

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Highly Sensitive, Convenient Ceia Ferromagnetic Detectors
• Preventive detection of ferromagnetic and magnetized object that may cause a “projectile effect” in MRI rooms
• Accurate localization with multizone acoustic and optical alarm signaling
• Durable stainless-steel and high-impact reinforced plastics
• Passive detection with no field emissions
• Record up to 70,000 locally with traceability of the alarms, programming modifications, and diagnostics
• Superior far field false alarm rejection
• App allows users to change detection sensitivity and alarm type and manage data logging and reporting capabilities from their phone or tablet
• Localization of indicator for object detection
• Multicolored status and alarm warning light

Ceia Wall Mounted Ferromagnetic Detector
  • Mounting bracket
  • Ethernet cable
  • Patient screening mat (97043 only)

Review Summary

Ceia Wall Mounted Ferromagnetic Detector

Latex Free

Wall-Mounted Ferromagnetic Detector

  • Detection over the entire height of the person
  • Quick, convenient installation takes minutes
  • Powered through PoE Ethernet or with 24Vdc external adapter
Ceia® Wall-Mounted Ferromagnetic Detector
Estimated ship date of 06/22/2021
  Not Safe for MRI
Ceia® Wall-Mounted Ferromagnetic Detector
Estimated ship date of 06/22/2021
  Not Safe for MRI
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