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Vacuum Immobilization Splints

For prevention of movement during MRI extremity and infant imaging using vacuum immobilization. Get optimal first-time images every time. The unique patented Multi-Chamber System that makes up the interior of the Vacuum Immobilization Splints makes them ideally suited for MRI. Thin, flexible, easy to use and very stable, they allow the patient to be comfortably stabilized during the scan, resulting in optimal first-time images. It is crucial, for a quality examination, that the joint being scanned be absolutely idle. Until now, this totally motionless state was very difficult for the patient to accept and maintain. The result has been the need to repeat the scanning procedures, leading to an increase in the time needed for the examination.

Review Summary

Vacuum Immobilization Splints

No Repeat Scans with Vacuum Immobilization Splints

  • No movement, no repeat scans. Optimal first-time images
  • Quick and easy patient positioning
  • Rapid fixation
  • Ease of use for the RT
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Increased throughput
  • The chambered beads positioned in the right place allow for quick application
  • Very thin, fits most coils
  • The vacuum valve closes automatically after air has been evacuated
  • Easy to clean
Infant Splint
Estimated ship date of 06/15/2021
  Safe for MRI
Child Immobilizer
Estimated ship date of 06/08/2021
  Safe for MRI
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