FerrAlert Solo
FerrAlert Solo

The FerrAlert Solo is the smallest, lightest pre-screening ferromagnetic detector available. It is highly sensitive and features the patented technology of the FerrAlert Halo system. When close to the detector, six green lights turn on, indicating the FerrAlert is ready to scan. If any ferromagnetic hazard is detected, the green lights turn off, a short audio alert sounds, and the amber detecting lights flash at the location of the ferromagnetic hazard.

Review Summary

FerrAlert Solo

Latex Free

The Latest Advancement in Pre-Screening Technology for MRI Safety

  • Accurately and quickly locates ferrous hazards anywhere on the body
  • 12 sensors for uniform sensitivity
  • No-touch activation
  • Consistent, simple, and unambiguous operation
  • Space-saving design is easy to install near any outlet
FerrAlert™ Solo • 2"W x 2.5"D x 86.25"H
Estimated ship date of 08/20/2019
  Not Safe for MRI
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