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Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher



Size and capacity: 5lbs Application: Horn UL Rating: 5B:C Shipping Weight: 14lbs Height: 17.75" Width: 8.25" Depth (diameter): 5.25" Range: 3-8 feet Discharge time: 10sec F.M. approved Standard Bracket: Wall

Review Summary

Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher

Rechargeable BC Fire Extinguisher

  • Discharges carbon dioxide as white cloud of "snow"
  • All-metal valve construction
  • Rust-free aluminum cylinders
  • Meets many hospital medical equipment requirements
  • Independently tested and approved for use in MRI facilities
  • Bar-coded and bi-lingual labels
MRI-Tested Fire Extinguisher • Rechargeable • BC*
Estimated ship date of 05/21/2021
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