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Premium MR-Conditional IV Pole

Engineered with features and components that improve efficiency and durability, the Premium MR-conditional IV Pole is designed for years of trouble-free use. Using carefully selected nonferrous components, this IV pole is MR-conditional up to 3T and will not trigger ferrous portal alarms. An upgraded IV-pole base and four ram hooks combine for added stability, while the pole has an adjustable height to accommodate patient and professional needs.

Review Summary

Premium MR-Conditional IV Pole

Prevent Ferrous Portal Alarms

  • Nonferrous, aluminum IV pole will not cause alarm on ferrous portals
  • MR-conditional to 3 Tesla
  • Unique height-adjustment control allows for more accurate adjustment
  • Telescoping pole ranges from 49"-95"
  • Five 3" casters; two with locking mechanisms
  • Clear, anodized finish
  • Solution Drip Glass Holder
Premium MR-Conditional IV Pole
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