The only handheld MRI patient screening device capable of separately screening both ferrous and nonferrous metallic items, this Handheld Metal Detector provides protection from both adverse magnetic field interaction and potential RF-induced metallic heating. Designed as a safer and more convenient than similar alternatives, the lightweight, cordless detector has three analysis modes and a control interface that can be personalized to refine analysis capabilities based on specific patient needs.

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Three Mode Handheld Metal Detector

Latex Free

Handheld Metal Detector

  • Three modes of operation allow for high-performance ferrous only detection around the head and body or full metal detection around the body
  • Capable of separately screening for both ferrous and nonferrous metallic items
  • Eliminates risks of dislocation, torsion, overheating, or induction of electrical current
  • Audible, silent-vibration, and visual-magnitude alert settings
  • Visual signaling combined with the audio provide feedback on the extent of the alarm
  • Personalize the interface, energy-saving mode, and sensitivity of the three operational modes
  • Refine the analysis capabilities based on specific patient needs
  • Rechargeable battery can be used for up to 24 hours between charges
  • Comes with a charger and carry case
PD240CH Handheld Metal Detector
Estimated ship date of 07/25/2019
  Not Safe for MRI
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