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PD240CH-Z4 MRI Hand-Held Ferromagnetic Detector


The PD24OCH-Z4 Detector is the only handheld MRI patient screening device capable of separately detecting both ferrous and nonferrous metallic items, providing protection from adverse magnetic field interaction and potential RF-induced metallic heating. Designed to be entirely nonferromagnetic, this Detector can be used inside the MRI room (zone 4) without the risk of being attracted to or damaged by magnets without compromising performance or creating a projectile risk. Mr-compatible to 3T.

Review Summary

PD240CH-Z4 MRI Hand-Held Ferromagnetic Detector

Latex Free

The Only Ferromagnetic Detector Suitable for the MRI Room

  • Dual-sensing capabilities for separately screening either ferrous metallic items or any type of metallic item
  • Nonmagnetic construction is ideal for operation in Zone IV
  • Three modes of operation: high-performance ferrous only, detection around the head and body, or full metal detection around the entire body
  • Large search area for quick, accurate screening
  • Dual-tone and dual-color display for high-precision pinpointing
  • Mitigates the risk of an RF burn occurring in the scanner due to Ferrous or nonferrous metals
  • Audible and visual-magnitude alert settings
  • Visual signaling combined with the audio provide feedback on the location and position of the object under alarm
  • Battery life: >100 hours for all metals; >50 hours for body or head
PD240CH-Z4 MRI Hand-Held Ferromagnetic Detector • 4.7"W x 15.9"L x 1.6"H
Estimated ship date of 06/08/2021
  MR Conditional
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