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MRI Coiled IV Set

When you use the MRI Coiled I.V. Set, you won't have to disconnect an I.V. or change the pole or pump to perform an MRI. The patent-pending coiled tubing stretches to a full 30 feet, allowing the I.V. pole to remain in Zone 3 safely outside the magnet room. Designed for the U.S. Military and now available for civilian use, the MRI Coiled I.V. Set innovates one of the most basic aspects of healthcare.

Review Summary

MRI Coiled IV Set

Latex Free

The Only Coiled I.V. Set Designed for Use in the MRI Suite
Tubing Stretches to 30 Feet!

  • Innovative coiled tubing design stretches from 24" to 360
  • Eliminates need to stop and restart an I.V.
  • Saves time and reduces costs associated with tearing down lines
  • Increases patient and caregiver safety
  • Includes 1 needleless injection site, 1 pre-slit injection site, and spinlock male adapter
MRI Coiled I.V. Set • 360"L when expanded
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