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Hygiene Center Accessory Pack

NM8788 - Procedural Face Mask - Wear for procedures where moderate to light amounts of fluid, spray, and/or airborne particles are produced. Fluid resistant outer layer with white fluid-resistant inner layer Inner layer is free from dyes, chemicals, and inks to avoid skin irritation ASTM level 4 barrier for moderate protection Exceeds ASTM F2100-04 standard for face masks Particle filtration efficacy is greater than 98% at 0.1 micron Bacterial filtration efficacy is greater than or equal to 98% NM1789 - 12oz Purell Hand Sanitizer Pump Not too big and not too small, this Purell® 12oz hand sanitizer pump is just the right size for both private and public areas. Effectively kills 99.99% of common germs that may cause illness Works in as little as 15 seconds Meets CDC guidelines and Joint Commission compliance standards

Hygiene Center Accessory Pack
  • 2 boxes of NM8788 Personal Protection Masks
  • 2 boxes of Facial Tissue
  • 1 Purell® Pump (NM1789 12oz Original Formula)

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Hygiene Center Accessory Pack


Accessory Pack for Infection Prevention Dispensers

  • Includes 2 boxes of NM8788 masks, 2 boxes of facial tissue, and one NM1789 Purell® pump
Hygiene Center Accessory Pack
  Not Safe for MRI
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