Equipped for both patient and operator comfort the Full Sound System provides everything you need to relax your patients with music during their MRI scan. Patients and technologists can listen to different music sources at the same time. The dual-active headset capability allows the patient and a companion to listen to the same source allowing for encouragement and assistance when listening to the technologist's instructions. Seven-year warranty on transducer and one-year warranty on all other parts.

Full Sound System
  • Stereo system (AM/FM tuner with CD player and speakers)
  • iPod nano┬«
  • iPod Interface Cradle
  • Patient Amplifier
  • Stereo transducer
  • Push-button desktop microphone
  • RF filters on 1.5-T magnets and above
  • Noise Guard Headset 29db
  • Coil Ear Buds, 29db
  • 10' section of patient sound tubing (2)
  • Dual-headset tubing section
  • Starter quantities of: Large Sanitary Headset Covers, Replacement Tips for Coil Ear Buds, Disposable Ear Plugs (30db), and Disposable Ear Plugs (37db)

Review Summary

Full Sound System

Full Sound System

  • Full stereo and AM/FM sound system
  • Dual-active headset allows patient and technician to listen to two different sources at same time
Full Sound System
Estimated ship date of 07/02/2019
  Not Safe for MRI
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