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Antimicrobial Sticky Floor Mat

Sticky floor mats prevent contamination and particulate matter from entering the MRI environment. Fast, effective, and easy to use, each mat is composed of multiple layers of tough, poly-ethylene film, laminated together into a stack. Each layer is coated with a custom high-tack adhesive, leaving the working surface smooth. When the surface is contaminated, simply peel off the top layer and discard.Premium backing is a flexible, double-coated vinyl with acrylic adhesive on the bottom surface of the mat. No adhesive residue will remain on the floor after final removal; however, the mat will be held securely to the floor when in use. 3 mats per pack, 40 sheets each. 120 sheets total.

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Antimicrobial Sticky Floor Mat

Sticky Floor Mats

Antimicrobial Sticky Mat
36" x 36"
Estimated ship date of 12/03/2019
  Safe for MRI
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