Medscape Agility Series Carts

Medscape Agility Series Point-of-Care Carts

When an essential work tool no longer works against but with you, it becomes more than a tool. It becomes a partner.

The Medscape Agility Cart series was designed by world-class engineers in collaboration with healthcare professionals. The result is a truly innovate point-of-care cart that features a space-conscious design with effortless movement and height adjustment, nearly infinite adjustability of accessories, and an innovative five-star base designed with efficiency and safety in mind.

Move effortlessly through crowded hallways with your workstation leading the way and glide easily into your patient’s room. You’re ready to administer compassionate care because your energy was saved for caregiving and not wasted on hauling an unstable and heavy cart all day.

Medscape Agility Series Point-of-Care Carts
Technology Behind the Story
• Small footprint for easy maneuvering with enough space for a comfortable and efficient work area
• 24"W x 23.75"D work surface vs 27" Diameter footprint
• Innovative five-star base exceeds current Joint Commission guidelines for cart stability
• Unique arrangement of base legs provides room or more natural gait when walking
• Inverted base legs and low center of gravity provide unsurpassed stability
• 4" double casters move quietly and smoothly over the changing floor surfaces in any facility
• 2 casters lock for safety

Effortless multi-tasking lets you provide compassionate care. With Agility point-of-care carts, you are able to comfort a patient with one hand while adjusting the height of your work surface with the other. It’s all so easy that your full attention can be focused on your patient and they never notice that you’re still working.

Medscape Agility Series Point-of-Care Carts
Technology Behind the Story
• Smooth-moving pneumatic mechanism allowsnearly effortless height adjustment – simply activate by pressing foot pedal and apply gentle pressure up or down with your fingertips
• Work surface height adjustment from 30” to 42”
• Large divided work surface and storage caddy help keep items organized and \easily accessible
• Nearly infinite placement of accessories
• Easy-to-use drop-and-lock accessory system allows for maximum efficiency and custom configuration

Your trusted point-of-care cart can bear a heavy load and still glide effortlessly over any terrain it comes across – even fully loaded for an entire day’s rounds. It doesn’t tip or wobble. The soft rounded edges won’t puncture your gloves or snag your scrubs. And the full-extension locking drawer keeps your expensive supplies and confidential patient information secure and out of sight.

Medscape Agility Series Point-of-Care Carts


Technology Behind the Story
• Inverted five-star base creates low center of gravity for unsurpassed stability
• Holds 200lb dynamic load; work surface holds 30lbs
• Heavy-gauge steel accessories and drawer/shelf have round edges to prevent tearing of gloves and garments
• Wood-free construction eliminates cross-contamination and allows for easy cleaning
• Premiere full-extension locking drawers for unequaled performance and durability
• 2 locking casters