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MRI Ventilator

MRI tested to 4.7-T, this non-magnetic ventilator is pneumatically powered, single-circuit, volume-constant, time-cycled. It utilizes a high-pressure drive with regulated, high internal resistance to control pressure and is considered a non-constant pressure generator. Simultaneously, it produces a flow pattern that is constant in spite of changes in lung mechanics (inspiratory square-wave). The ventilator is designed with internal simplicity for operations and maintenance. Quick-connect features allow the operator to provide for all necessary clinical situations: controlled ventilation, continuous-flow intermittent mandatory ventilation, constant positive airway pressure, as well as being adjustable to inspiratory/expiratory ratios that are infinitely variable. A wide-range pressure-relief valve allows for both the prevention of barotrauma and time-cycled, pressure-relieved ventilation. In standard use, the ventilator can be used in conjunction with a variety of face masks, cricothyroid tubes, endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes. Humidifiers and air/oxygen blenders of various types can also be used, as the operator finds necessary.

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MRI Ventilator

MRI Ventilator

  • Mechanical ventilator is pneumatically powered time cycled volume constant and pressure variable
  • MRI tested to 4.7-Tesla
MRI Ventilator
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