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FerrAlert Halo II Entry
FerrAlert Halo II Entry FerrAlert Halo II Entry

FerrAlert Halo II provides the latest advancement in ferromagnetic detection (FMD) for MRI safety. Recognized as the most accurate FMD for MRI, the Halo II Entry system utilizes FerrAlert patented technology to provide precise, reliable detection of ferromagnetic objects.

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FerrAlert Halo II Entry

Latex Free

The Next Generation FerrAlert Metal Detection System

  • Instantly pinpoints location of ferromagnetic object
  • Intelligent visual advanced warning
  • Uses 24 sensors to ensure uniform sensitivity and detection reliability
  • Patented technology suppresses false warnings
  • Visible inside and outside the MRI room
  • Ensures Zone IV access control compliance with ACR and Joint Commission
FerrAlertâ„¢ Halo II Entry
Estimated ship date of 06/25/2018
  Not Safe for MRI
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