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Laryngoscope Handle

Designed specifically for use within the MR environment, this laryngoscope handle is compatible with all of our fiber optic laryngoscope blades. Hyper LED in these handles yield a high intensity 'industry leading' fibre optic delivered light beam. Blades and batteries are sold separately, MR conditional to 3-Tesla. Installation of one non magnetic battery is recommended for optimal performance.

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Laryngoscope Handle

Laryngoscope Handles

  • Designed specifically for use within MR environment
  • 3.5V, 0.7amp xenon lamp yields high-intensity, fiber-optic light beam
  • MR-conditional to 3-Tesla
  • Blades and batteries sold separately
  • Laryngoscope handle requires only ONE battery
Laryngoscope Handle**
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  MR Conditional
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